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MomsTribute Free Community includes free apps starting with Kid Friendly Venues

MomsTribute is a unique platform for all-things-mom. It is a shared, nurturing community for moms that empowers, brings convenience, and removes chaos from their everyday lives.

Kid Friendly Venues is our website and mobile app. It is one place to find Kid Friendly Venues for moms and families. Kid Friendly Venues will give moms one place to find things for their kids. Do a search on pediatricians, pediatric dentists, veterinarians for family pets, hiking, education, theme parks, water parks, activities inside and outside and more!

Moms can be blogging about family, favorite recipes, work such as a realtor and more. We ask you to consider topics related to Kid Friendly Venues whether a family gathering, a special family recipe, a new Kid Friendly home and neighborhood, kid nutrition, activities with the family such as theme parks, historical and geographic sites and more!

Finally, we will be soon sharing one-minute videos from moms! Stay Tune!


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Kid Friendly  Venues

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Kid Friendly Venues can be a gathering of one-to-many people at a place where something happens such as a concert, conference, school, after school programs, field trips, jumpy house, party store, restaurant-eating establishments, sports events, movie theater, summer camps, nature hike, parks, pool, beach, rafting, amusements, travel, accommodations, geographic and historical sites. Venues can cover the gamut of a large event to a more personalized meeting for tutoring, private coaching, training and rehab centers, disability, dentist, doctor and more. The key is these places have to be Kid Friendly. This is where moms/families can participate by rating the Kid Friendly Venues. Moms will appreciate others offering their input and ratings on Kid Friendly Venues a 5-star rating system. The purpose of the Kid Friendly Venues app (website and mobile) is you can conveniently go discover venues close to home or while on a trip with the family. While we have a mobile app we also have it hosted here at www.kidfriendlyvenues.com. Please click get started.

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Free Community  Apps

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MomsVillage is a free community. It is specifically built for all mothers and their families to aid and help reduce their daily chaos and bring convenience. We are always listening to you and promise to add many more exciting apps and services as we progress together. While we have a mobile app we also have it hosted here at www.kidfriendlyvenues.com. Please click get started.

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Moms  Blogs

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Moms can share with other moms their stories of raising a family, work and life in general. A mom may want to blog about twins, preemies, special needs, sports, her job or her relationships. There is an option to publish on social media sites

Together, moms can share and support each other with honest stories of motherhood.

What’s stopping you? Start writing your own blogs. You can keep it private or share with others. Put your story, experiences, and knowledge you may want to share with other moms, helping them live a managed life and to show them that they are not alone in their joy and struggles. Join in the fun of blogging!
Mom bloggers can write about pregnancy and as their child grows up! The wonderful and cherished experiences moms have with their child. They share mom advice on a variety of topics such as a warm family home, health tips, planning a day trip locally or long vacation planned with the kids. We ask to please focus your blogs on Kid Friendly Venues. Kid Friendly Venues covers the gamut of everything you may do with your child. The more you share can only help other moms!

Spokesmom for Kid Friendly Venues

Whitney Reynolds

Whitney Reynolds

Emmy nominated & Telly Award winning Whitney Reynolds has a national news background and love for people. Her nationwide talk show, The Whitney Reynolds Show, educates, inspires and makes a difference, one topic at a time. She produces a program that is dedicated to being a safe space for delicate life stories.

Based in Chicago and living in the Roscoe Village neighborhood with her husband, David, and five-year-old twins, Whitney's mission doesn’t stop with her TV program. Since 2013 Whitney has hosted a motivational 'give back' segment on iHeart Radio and in 2021 launched a national iHeart Podcast. She also authored Beyond The Interview and has a column in Cancer Wellness Magazine. Over the years Whitney has helped with fundraising over two million dollars for local and global charities through her media work. Originally from Oklahoma, she's learned how to combine southern charm with big city hustle.
Her motto is: "If the door closes, find the darn window." https://www.whitneyreynolds.com

Spokesmom for Kid Friendly Venues

Moms Blogs

Jen L

Jen L is a single mom of two sets of fraternal twins. She lost her husband, Trevor, to ALS many years ago and has been the sole provider for her family since then. As she says “I chose to build a family and love all my children. Some days are very rewarding while other days are a bit challenging and I wouldn’t change a thing!”

Jen has been written up as a SuperMom by Twiniversity: “Her husband had Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). He was given a 3-year prognosis so they decided to go ahead and start a family so that he would be able to meet his child before his untimely death.”

“A short time later we were ecstatic to learn that we were expecting twins!” Jennifer relates. “I started to panic. How was I going to take care of an ailing husband and two babies? Once again Trevor assured me that we could do this.”