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Tom Henn

Moms Advisory Circle

We have formed a Moms Advisory Circle! It consists of moms like you who can give us valuable input about how can excel at helping moms every day. They share their own ideas and have a listening ear for comments made by their circle of friends. If you are interested in participating in the Moms Advisory Circle please send an email to:

We speak with and listen to countless moms to understand how to empower moms, bring some convenience and remove some of the chaos. We listen and will continue to listen.

From the Founder, President and CEO

The inspiration for MomsTribute came from my mother. It was a journey over ten years of listening, documenting and writing three books about her life and times. This wonderful mom raised seven children. The three books were subsequently accepted worldwide including the Chicago Newberry Library, the University of Oxford, England for their Bodleian Library, and The Thomas Fitzgerald-Kennedy Centre and the University of Limerick, both in Ireland. So, her life story will go on in perpetuity. While she was not one for attention, after raising seven children she deserves it!

After finishing the third and final book, as a successful serial entrepreneur, I was going to create a website to promote it. However, I had one of those ‘ah-ha’ moments and realized my appreciation was not just about my mom; it was for, to and about all moms.

And another journey began listening to countless numbers of moms to understand their needs. Their days can be unpredictable and chaotic. A collective community and hub for moms, kids and families was needed and so it was born.

MomsTribute will grow over time. Today we give moms free access to Kid Friendly Venues-KFV. What are Kid Friendly Venues?

Kid Friendly Venues can be a gathering of one-to many-people at a place where something happens such as a concert, conference, school, after school programs, field trips, jumpy house, party store, restaurant-eating establishments, sports events, movie theater, summer camps, nature hike, parks, pool, beach, rafting, amusements, travel, accommodations, geographic and historical sites. Venues can cover the gamut of a large event to a more personalized meeting for tutoring, private coaching, training and rehab centers, disability, dentist, doctor and more. The key is these places have to be Kid Friendly. This is where moms and families can participate by rating the Kid Friendly Venues. Moms will appreciate others offering their input and ratings on Kid Friendly Venues with a 5-star rating system . The purpose of the Kid Friendly Venues app (website and mobile) is you can conveniently go discover venues close to home or while on a trip with the family. Venues whether local, small, nationwide or corporate will do ads offering promotions, coupons, discounts, freebies, contests and more. Community comes for searching venues and promotional ads. Venues advertise to community to expand business. Moms and families will be empowered to build a strong voice related to Kid Friendly Venues-KFV.